Surfing In Cornwall, In Stormy Godrevy Beach

You know how when you surf regularly, and the sea looks rough or not that great, you say – I’ll come back tomorrow, or some other day – because you’ve become spoiled and you’ve seen your little bit of ocean look way better. But when you haven’t surfed in years Continue reading “Surfing In Cornwall, In Stormy Godrevy Beach”


Four Kilometer Hike to: Kynance Cove

A tiny beach with perfect fine sand, beautiful water (all our photos are unfiltered) and a really chill, kind of secluded feel – that’s Kynance Cove! I really couldn’t believe how beautiful this place was, I’ve seen quite a few beaches so Continue reading “Four Kilometer Hike to: Kynance Cove”

Our Trip To Cornwall

From June 12 to the 19 Lee and I were in Cornwall!! He got to go back home and hang with his family for a bit and we got to see some really beautiful and inspiring places. We hiked The Lizard, about four kilometers all the way to Continue reading “Our Trip To Cornwall”

Vinyl Shopping in Camden June 5th

Back in Camden again after a couple months of not heading down that way. We didn’t buy anything but found an awesome RED colored vinyl of Continue reading “Vinyl Shopping in Camden June 5th”

Vinyl Shopping in Camden (Pt 1)

We’re in Camden lots. We love it. So there will be many posts about what we get up to in Camden! Browsing vinyl, checking different parts of the market, eating, or hitting one of our favorite shops ever, All Ages Records. The sickest and only shop in London housing

Continue reading “Vinyl Shopping in Camden (Pt 1)”