Hey! This is a blog documenting all the awesome, crazy, cool, and funny things my boyfriend and I do together. From trips, to gigs, to purchasing new guitars, to eating massive amounts of food, and our daily life in London! I’ll be posting outings, gigs, (that my boyfriend plays or occasionally that we go to), and even things like daily blogging about life in London, making due in a small place and refurbishing and re-doing our room! You’ll find anything from a daily outfit, to a post on how we have re decorated our room. It’s an account of all the things we get up to, and trust me, we get up to a lot!! Plays, movies, Camden, Soho, the 100 club, John Lydon rants, Scott Weiland reviews, life in London, and our life together. Follow us for non-stop action and our funky lives 🙂 x

A tiny little bit about us: Lee is a professional jazz musician who plays weekly in London. He recently turned gluten free, after realizing that his digestive issues (at times incapable of swallowing food!) were a result of a high gluten intolerance. You can read more about this under “Gluten Free Treats + Eats”. I’m Karla, and I currently work at IKEA designing kitchens, I use to play tennis semi-professionally, I’ve written two poetry books, and I’ll soon be starting my studies at Birkbeck, University of London to study Law. We hope you enjoy our site 🙂

All the photos are taken by us (mostly me, Karla).

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