Four Kilometer Hike to: Kynance Cove

A tiny beach with perfect fine sand, beautiful water (all our photos are unfiltered) and a really chill, kind of secluded feel – that’s Kynance Cove! I really couldn’t believe how beautiful this place was, I’ve seen quite a few beaches so a beach will rarely impress me. I was comparing this to the beaches in California, the Canary Islands (Fuerteventura is ridiculous, look it up if you have never heard of it), and this honestly holds up to those amazing beaches. It really rocks and it was well worth the four kilometer hike to get here. You don’t have to hike for kilometers to get here, there is actually a car park, and then you slowly make your way down to the cove (takes about ten minutes) but we walked all the way over to Kynance Cove from The Lizard Lighthouse point, because that’s what we like to do. We love being outdoors and in nature. It was a long old hike, but it was beautiful and again very awe inspiring.


The entire way over was like this. And yes, this photo is unedited and unfiltered. We walked along the coast basically, so that cliff that you can see in the distance – we were there too. It was awesome to walk the coastline like this. For the coastal hike and the photos, see the post “The Lizard and Coastal Hike”.

I’m going to share some photos here just of Kynance Cove, the cherry on top of the icing – or whatever that saying is! haha


That’s us right before continuing the hike down.


The beach, where you’ll shortly see me in the ocean, is basically between the bit of rock in the picture above that is in the bottom right corner, and then the big mount/cliff which is centered in the photo. As you can see there is a bit of cliff and rock kind of dividing one side of the cove from the other.


That’s one of us again right before going down to the Cove, we’re much further down now as you can see from where the cliffs are around us now. And the one below is Lee with the amazing water behind him. Once again, unfiltered and unedited!!




Absolutely beautiful. And as you can see, there’s kind of one side of the cove, and then another on the other side of this bit of cliff on the right of the photo.



There was this small passage as well:


Kynance Cove is beautiful – hike there, park close by and hike down, just make sure you get to see it if you go to Cornwall  – or better yet choose Cornwall for your next vacation and make it a point to come here 🙂

There’s a nice little cafe as well which does (of course) cornish clotted cream and scones – which were ridiculous.


Here’s a couple more of us messing around




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