Gluten Free, Under 30 Minutes Chicken Sliders With Honey Mustard, and French Fries

Hey hey! So we were watching the food network and they were cooking sliders in a restaurant, and I decided to make our own chicken sliders! Read on to see the recipe and step by step instructions. It’s super easy, but looks and tastes amazing, and only takes about 25 minutes to make!!

Here’s what you’ll need:

1. Small slider buns. For the gluten free ones Lee ate, we used these Tiger rolls from Tesco:

I just bought random, small buns:

2. Chicken – enough for however many are eating. We bought one packet of about 5 breasts and had enough chicken for three sliders each.

3. Tomatoes

4. Garlic

5. Onions

6. Lettuce

7. Mustard and Honey, to make the honey mustard sauce. If you’re gluten free, make sure you check the ingredients. We never have trouble with these two things containing gluten however.

8. A bag of French fries. We bought  frozen”thin oven chips” for just one pound, from Tesco. Buy them thin so they taste crunchy when you fry them.

9. Olive oil and sunflower oil

10. Cheese

11. Seasoning for the chicken.

I used: mixed herbs (sold dry together), turmeric, chili powder, salt and pepper, and some olive oil to drizzle over it and mix the chicken and seasoning with.  If you don’t have some of these things, it’s ok. It’s up to you how you season the chicken!

Step one: start by cutting and seasoning the chicken:

Then, cut all the vegetables and anything else you are planning on loading onto the sliders.

If your cheese is in block forms grate it or start cutting the pieces, to have the cheese ready to melt into the chicken while its frying (or grilling, or barbecuing!)

Be creative! Use bacon, pickles, or a hard boiled egg, anything really!!

Next, make the honey mustard sauce. There are lots of recipes out there but for me personally, with a light Dijon mustard and honey, that’s it.

So basically spoon mustard into wherever you’ll serve the honey mustard sauce. Now add honey to your liking. Mix, done. Two minutes.

Next, start frying the French fries! That’s right, cooking already!

Fill a saucepan about half way or a bit less, with sunflower oil.

Then test the oil by throwing just one fry in.

Once you see it’s hot, throw a bunch of fries into the oil. Don’t overthink quantities with the oil or the fries. If they’re covered by oil they’ll fry 😉

Use a spatula with some holes in it to take the fries out. You don’t want soggy oily fries.

Set them on a plate with a bit of kitchen roll on it, this will take the excess oil off the fries

You should start frying the chicken when you’re half way through the French fry portion, so nothing gets cold.

Don’t worry about juggling things, you can always put the chicken in the oven in some foil to keep it hot. Just make sure you don’t let the fries get cold or they get chewy.

If you want to, you can quickly and lightly fry your buns, with some olive oil, so they get a little golden.

I recommend it because they taste and hold together much better.

Start melting the cheese on the chicken as well.

Fries are done, chickens done and cheese has melted on it, buns are ready, time to prep the sliders!!

Pile whatever you want to on em, then drizzle the honey mustard on!!

Serve them all up with a good portion of fries, and pig out!!

All in 25 minutes!! Easy, delicious, awesome, and plain cool 😊


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