New Bits For Our Bedroom

We enjoy shopping together for little different things to decorate our room with. Sometimes we find some really cool or cute things. We like checking out Anthropologie  but it tends to be pretty pricey, unless you can find some few things on sale.

Getting our room together has taken a long time. First we re-did the whole thing, by getting rid of the old furniture, painting and getting new storage solutions. But now we can have fun and do some decorating and details.


We bought these three jars yesterday. We liked that they looked vintage and had some funky character. We keep cookies in one, sugar in the other and our cutlery in the back one.


We also got these really awesome wooden coasters. They’re in the shape of a cute fox face and it came with six of them. They’re so cool and unique, we love them.


We also got these really cute tealight holders from Tiger. They’re cool and colorful and they look really nice on the windowsill.



We got these storage stools from IKEA. They’re useful storage and also great for us to sit on. We sit on them to eat and we did get them with the intention to play guitar sitting on them but we usually end up sitting on our rugs.


We got the funky different colored patchwork rugs from Tiger as well. They’re soft and add a chill amount of color to the room.


We also finally put these frames up and set up the canvas I got Lee for his birthday on a different shelf.



We’re excited to keep collecting different things and add to the room with little details!!







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