Free-From Froyo in Soho

Whether you’re gluten, lactose, or wheat intolerant, Yorica in Soho has ya covered. They sell Froyo, ice cream, and  different toppings, all of which are gluten free and lactose free.

The decoration is really great too and it’s really reasonably priced. It’s one of our favorite places!

And the toppings are not some lame few tid bits. You’ve got gluten and lactose free Oreos, brownies, biscuits, cookies, jelly beans, and so much more. It’s really awesome!!

Here are some photos of the place and our favorite: Green tea matcha and chocolate swirl, with a couple different toppings.

This time we only got the chocolate brownie topping.

If you’re ever in Soho get to Wardour Street and get some Froyo at Yorica 🙂


2 thoughts on “Free-From Froyo in Soho

  1. If you do get the chance just try it! It tastes good and it’s something different. There’s no other place like it in Soho or even London I would say. Of course there’s frozen yogurt but not the way they make it and how everything is free from. It’s really cool!!


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