Vinyl Shopping in Camden June 5th

Back in Camden again after a couple months of not heading down that way. We didn’t buy anything but found an awesome RED colored vinyl of the Sex Pistols Nevermind The Bollocks album!!


And it was, incredibly enough, only 15 pounds. We haven’t seen the album anywhere for less than 20, let alone a colored vinyl version. That was awesome.


This stand really rocks, it has lots of cool vinyls at good prices. Plus this guy is friendly and cool. Just look at his shirt for evidence haha.

Here are some inside shots


Muhammad Ali had just passed the day before so this sign was up at the station where they usually advertise service updates.


So when you exit the underground there is another little vinyl shop right off the high street. It’s not super but it’s there. When you come out of Camden underground, go right, down towards the market (not left towards the Blues Kitchen), and just a few blocks along take a left and the shop is right there. It’s nice enough to browse around in.


There’s a downstairs basement area, where one of the first times we went there, we met this really wacky young dude. It was so funny because my boyfriend and I completely made up everything about how my we met each other, and also about what we did; I think I said I played the pan-pipes. And the guy believed us. We love being sarcastic and just taking the piss.


Nice little tourist shot haha. I’m wearing a Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds band tee and hollister crochet jean shorts. It was so nice and warm! Lucky to have this weekend off and that it was also such great weather.


Inside Camden market there’s this stand. But I don’t recommend it. The woman who runs it is rude and she told me not to take photos – really? You have a stand in one of the most touristic markets, and you expect no one to take photos? I took some anyway just to photo us being there but it’s a bad vibe!


My baby looking intense as he browses the vinyl haha


Everything is also really pricey here, as if it’s a high street shop or store rather than a stand in camden market. We found the same albums marked up about five pounds higher than the rest of the market. Lame all around.


Also, Pearl Jam should never be put next to KISS. Organization scores: 0.

We had a real great time again, like always. If there was anything worth buying it was that red colored vinyl of Nevermind the Bollocks. But there’s always something worth buying in Camden! 🙂



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