Gluten Free Chorizos (Sausages) and Chimichurri

Choripan is short in Spanish for Chorizos and bread. Chimichurri is a type of spread that is traditional in Uruguay and Argentina. It’s a kind of rub that you put on food after it’s cooked, usually on meats and chorizos, especially after they’re barbecued. In London I haven’t yet been able to find actual Spanish chorizos, so we use sausages. It really isn’t the same taste at all but it does the job and does still taste great. For this recipe we used:

  • Tesco Gluten Free Sausages
  • Parsley
  • Onion
  • Garlic
  • Olive oil
  • White vinegar
  • Sausages or Chorizos
  • Gluten free baguette or bakery style bread. NOT a loaf or sliced bread.
  • Mustard and or mayo
  • Tomatoes



The wine is just for us while we prepare the food 😉

The chimichurri is made in four simple steps. You’ll need about half a garlic, quarter cup of olive oil and white vinegar, and parsley equalling the quantity of the garlic. Make it to taste, not to specifications.

  1. Dice the garlic and parsley finely
  2. Mix the amounts of vinegar and olive oil into a jar/bowl/serving cup
  3. Throw the chopped parsley and garlic into the olive oil and vinegar mix
  4. Stir very well

Dice the garlic very finely and chop the parsley small too.


Add the white vinegar and olive oil into  cup or bowl or jar which you will also simply use to serve the rub and also store it. You can store it for a month or even longer, it doesn’t spoil. Now add the garlic and the parsley which you chopped — and stir very very well. You’re done!


That’s the rub done! The sausages simply go in the oven you don’t need to do anything with them.


Choripan is a bit like a fancy hot dog – you put the chorizos or sausages inside a piece of bread and you top it off with the rub and anything else you want, typically sandwich type ingredients.

I recommend tomateos (sliced), raw onion, mustard, mayo, and lettuce.


It’s important to use bakery style bread or baguette style bread because this is what is traditionally used in Argentina and Uruguay (and Spain). It is not a hot dog meal and it is not meant to be eaten with sandwich bread or hot dog bread. It won’t hold the juice of the chimichurri rub and you’ll get a soggy mess; not a nice crispy, soft taste as is pictured here 🙂

There ya go! Simple and quick meal, we put this together having home at about 8pm 🙂 Let us know if you try it.:)






































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