Soooo….we went to Brighton for the day! It’s only an hour out of London and it was actually only £20 for the two of us to

go there and come back!

We have a two for one railcard, and we strongly recommend you get one if you live in London and travel often with someone else. It really does make everything much cheaper, affordable even.

We didn’t really plan on going, but we woke up that morning and the weather was great so went for it.

It was really nice to get out of London and away from the hectic crazy city, and just lay on the beach. It was really nice to just be by the seaside.

The sand is rocky, it isn’t actual sand. So if you are going to go in the water, or kayaking or surfing, make sure you bring some kind of sandals or shoes so you don’t totally destroy your feet. You won’t be able to walk here barefoot.


There’s a little shack that rents out kayaks and surfboards (plus wetstuits) for just 10£ the hour. Pretty great! We actually went kayaking but I forgot to take my phone with me and wasn’t able to get any photos of us. We’ll make sure to take lots next time!!


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