Vinyl Shopping in Camden (Pt 1)

We’re in Camden lots. We love it. So there will be many posts about what we get up to in Camden! Browsing vinyl, checking different parts of the market, eating, or hitting one of our favorite shops ever, All Ages Records. The sickest and only shop in London housing

any punk record you could want. That will be in another post! Here’s a small snippet of a day we hit Camden



This little stand is to the left when you enter the market. It usually has some decent stuff at alright prices, but it can be hard to really find something worth buying. Especially if we are searching for a particular album.


Love peace and namaste but please give us your money


Urban Outfitters tries to cater to some kind of hipster/cool crowd, and they actually have some interesting things. They sell vinyl (we never shop there though) and Instax Polaroid cameras among a few other funky things. We sometimes go in just to complain about how expensive the polaroid camera is haha


We grabbed some cheap Thai food.



Last time we got Chinese food from the upper side of the market -above Stables Market. It was awful. All it had were potatoes – god knows what potatoes are doing in Chinese food. This food pictured here though was actually nice.



We love hanging in Camden. I’m wearing a corduroy dress overall, leggings, black ankle boots, and a leather jacket which I have been customizing and adding patches and pins to as I collect them.


Unleashing my spirit animal next to my spirit animal 😉 Amy, Queen of Camden.









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