Brooklyn Bowl (The O2) With TheGetup and Haggis Horns

Alright so here’s another gig post. October 10th 2015 Lee played the Brooklyn Bowl opening up for the Haggis Horns, who perform with Amy Winehouse, Jamiroquai, Mark Ronson, AdeleDuran Duran…the list goes on. They seemed a nice bunch of guys, and as their website says, “the infamous Haggis Horns need no introduction”

Here’s a backstage shot of most of TheGetup and the Haggis HornsIMG_7800

Here’s one of us backstage. It’s cool that so many famous bands have played here.


Here’s a shot of the setlist with some notes by someone indicating who is taking the solos during which songs


These are a few shots outside in the O2 and some of the posters advertising the gig


During the sound check everyone was wearing bowling shoes because we were on the bowling lanes when the band was called for soundcheck. So we all looked pretty goofy you could say!


This Tele gets around haha


The gig went nicely. I just hung around backstage or sidestage taking photos as usual. This gig was cool because of the legendary venue and the band they were opening with. I always love hanging out and watching the band play, it’s really fun. Plus, my boyfriend and I have a blast before and after either eating or dancing to the silly music and taking the piss.


My boyfriend and his funny antics 😀 ❤



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