Mad Hatter’s Tea Party London (Not GF)

Ok, so the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party in the Sanderson Hotel (London) is obviously not gluten free – or as far as I know when we went there we did not ask for anything GF because it was before my boyfriend realized that he had a gluten intolerance. The long and short end  is that it rocks though!


It’s really pricey but if you feel up for spending some money it will be worth it. The teas and cakes really were good, nothing was bad quality or cheaply made, and it was superbly decorated and presented. If you’d love a great food photo-op and a nice time doing something fancy you might not usually do, I definitely recommend it.


It’s afternoon tea at a ritzy hotel in a fancy setting – especially if you’re lucky enough to sit in the garden like we were! So dress up for it if you feel like it and take some time to enjoy something different and delicious.



This little bottle had three different flavors!! It was really like something out of Alice in Wonderland.


As you can see from the menu prices below, it is very pricey!! The menu was glued to the inside of an old book. We thought that was cool.



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