Manchester With TheGetup and Craig Charles

Here are some photos from when I tagged along with my boyfriend who had a gig in Manchester opening for Craig Charles! If you don’t know him, he is “a British actor, author, television presenter and DJ, best known for playing Dave Lister in the science fiction sitcom Red Dwarf and Lloyd Mullaney in the soap opera Coronation Street. And,  as a funk and soul DJ and host of BBC Radio 6 , which is where the band Lee plays in comes into the picture haha. 

Here he is DJing as part of his Craig Charles Funk and Soul Show. I took this side stage just as the show started. He hosts this show across the UK and on BBC Radio 6. Because he is into TheGetup, where Lee plays guitar, he gives them airplay on BBC Radio 6 and invited them to open for him in Manchester, for his Funk and Soul DJ show.


Here’s me being a fool!


You can also view a clip of the end of the gig here:  TheGetup At Band On The Wall 

It took a long time to get there by car, about 6 hours. It wasn’t the funnest thing ever, but it was nice when we got there to have our own hotel room and be able to chill before the gig.


Shoe photo, why not.


All ours, party time!! haha


TheGetup, Tristan (horns), Mark Claydon (drums), Mark Ashfield (Hammond), Sasha (vocals), Ian (bass), and Lee (guitar). There are two more fellas on horns, pictured in a bit…


Here’s moi! I wore a flower printed dress, doc martens and a leather jacket for the ride there and the soundcheck.


Lee’s Telecaster


Some soundcheck snaps:





And here are some snaps of the gig and Craig Charles:




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